Hello and Welcome!

The Young Israel of Houston is an Orthodox synagogue located in the heart of southwest Houston, Texas. We have been a community institution providing minyamin, shiurim and exciting programming for over 25 years. Our kehilla is made up of over 100 young vibrant families as well as many founders of our Jewish community. Rabbi Yehoshua Wender has been our Mora DeAsrah since our inception in 1983. The Rav received his Smicha from Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim and has been a leader for the shul and the community.

Our community is a warm and welcoming one made up of Jewish families from all over the world. The Young Israel and Houston community is truly unique in its diversity of members, while at the same time having such a strong sense of community. We pride ourselves on this warmth, our commitment to Torah values and our continues growth.


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  • If you would like to receive further information about becoming a member of Young Israel of Houston,
  • please contact us directly:
  • 7823 Ludington Blvd
  • Houston, TX 77071
  • tel: 713-729-0719
  • fax: 713-729-4561
  • email: office@yihouston.org